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The year in review

Brrrr.... baby it's cold outside.

After a fairly uncommonly dry Summer, we had a decent Fall & a late Winter. The Winter did however arrive with avengeance to make-up for the lost time. Our -30c days started about a week ago & nearly a month too soon!

We usually have a good few weeks of low -20's to high -20's before January & the low -30c territories. For me personally, I prefer a colder but less snowy Winter to a milder but super-snowy one like we got last year. Some days I was shovelling the driveway twice a day!

What was good about 2017 was mostly what it wasn't, 2016, 2015 AND 2014, lol.

Those first few years were really stressful & hard as we were scrambling to build our main-building with next to no tradesmen, income,.... but we're not here to talk about those years, lol.

My carpenter & I managed to build our 480 sqft gathering-place in only one month, yay!

Also no major aches or pains for this year and yes I would like to include that as a positive :)

2017 was also an expensive year. Just redoing some of the solar assembly modules cost nearly $6,000, yikes!

Then there was the cost of the gathering-place, firewood, redoing some plumbing-work, new tiers, breaks,... all realities of living anywhere really but all costs I want you to account for.

Others around us would tell you about a more stressful 2017 to include but not limited to, frozen water-pipes=no water, separation, injuries, finding decent accommodations, income( well we all struggle with that-one),......

So, a new year in only a few days :)

Here's hoping we all have a better year, yay!


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