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Can you make it?

I was listening to a Maine station last night & the topic was on "Makers". I had no idea what they/that was. Apparently there's a movement by folks who are inventors, tinkerers etc. These are people who either collectively or individually work on projects to cover a wide range of topics.

Many of these folks are hoping to get together and share the cost of the space/rental, tools, the utilities,...

Funny I had been doing that for a while now but I had never heard of the term, lol.

I even attempted to start a website that would connect the inventors, backers, lawyers, fundraisers, mentors,......together in an effort to bring visions to fruition. That unsuccessful attempt was in '07.

Here & now, I already have a 650 sqft structure that I want to turn into an up-cycling centre but I suppose why not expending it to include other "makers"?

I may have written about this on the website but wouldn't it be amazing for great innovative minds to come together to not just solve many of today's challenges & problems or even improving on the existing products etc. but also coming-up with thoughts, products, inventions,... that no-one has ever thought of?

I think of myself as one the most ignorant people alive with so much to learn. Still I think of every one of my inventions as genius. But it's that humble ignorant in me that knows how beneficial being around other inventors can multiply our innovative minds to a new height!

So if you or anyone you know qualifies as a "maker", lol, contact me either on this post or in private(I know how secretive some of you can be, especially those of you with a working model of perpetual energy, lol) and let's brainstorm.

Like I said, I have at least the once decent size structure but I also have the space & hope to even have more dedicated structuers available to accommodate the different specialities.

One thing that I ask of you is that, I'm ok if you are not a giver. I realize that not everyone can be but I have no tolerance for takers. So if you expect something for nothing, then I'm afraid you're on your own.

Sorry one more thing. I guess I had two things to ask, lol.

If you know of anyone who may be able to help us either in the way of fundraising for the new structures, carpenter or donors, please also connect them with me.


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