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Sold out!

So the first week of December. We've had a few minus double digit days but mostly low to mid single minus temperatures, yay!

Milder than usual but not to worry, it's a comin'.

At a gathering at our house with the Land-trust founder/s, we learned that all of the plots at our neighbours "The Land-Trust" has tentatively been snapped-up! yay!

Yay because for the past three years that we've been here, I saw/heard little in the way of fair warning to the hopefuls in-terms of readiness & their expectations.

Now it seems that I am the realistic source for everything that folks should know if they are considering a complete change of lifestyle by moving here or another similar rural spot.

So if you require a current & real information other than what is on those social networking channels, complete with the good, the bad & the

ugly, a stress-test,..... feel free to contact me or better yet come for a visit.

For us personally, information is king or queen, lol.

Always better to make an informed decision with as little surprises as possible than unexpected consequences.

I hope this post wasn't too pessimistic for you. Just being honest and hey, after getting all that information, you may find that you are ready, today!


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