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Happy Thanksgiving :)

I give thanks and am grateful everyday, in-fact at least twice a day but I feel that I should say a little something on this day when we are all remembering our good fortune :)

I'm thankful for the harvest that we had.

Oh about 30? pounds of the different varieties, tastes, sizes & colours of heirloom tomatoes,

Eggplants!?? I never thought that they could grow in our zone & so many of them, wow!

At least 30 pounds of potatoes. Our first attempt of it and if that wasn't bold enough, we went vertical, in a box,

Ground Cherries., lots of them and also our first attempt,

Parsley which we love! Should plant more next year,

Lots of Kale!

Lots of onions. Should also plant more next year,

Lots of beets. Again more next year,

Over 1,000 heads of garlic. Not the best year but we will take it,

Strawberries that although went in soil very late, are still fruiting now???? They will be getting divided with their very own unique & 2.0 bed, yay!

Bonus Stinging Nettles & Purslanes that just volunteered in the beds :)

Lemon Thymes,


Lots of healthy Basil, yay!


Lots of tender lettuce.,

Two different varieties of beans,

And finally the most beautiful corn that I have ever seen!

You/we can do a lot of research, books or on-line but the absolute best way to learn is by actually doing. So we made a lot of mistakes, mistakes that we hope to correct next year. Mistakes that we hope to share at our workshops. Mistakes that we hope are never to repeat or are fronted with or by another twist, lol.

The picture is of a wheat filed nearby and not ours. To see pictures of some of our gardens, please visit our Organic agriculture tab/navigation :)

Back to giving thanks :)

Folks after a certain age, you will simply be grateful for your good health. Trust me. I almost seems that no matter how active one is, aches, pains & injuries are inevitable. For me personally, they stated after oh 43?

So I'm grateful for not having had any major accidents or pain this year, so far, lol.

There really is nothing worse for an active person to be limited by an injury.

I'm grateful that we were finally and the very least, managed to build our gathering-place this year + our two new woodsheds(essential here) + a few other smaller projects. So all good considering a lack of funds, labour/tradespersons, material, short building seasons...

Thankful for more things, personal things, small things that mean so much that I'm sure you can all relate to.

Be well

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