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8...27...73...66 or 41?

If you've ever gone camping, had a black/brownout,...where there's no light pollution then there's a good chance that you've starred at the starry sky with it's twinkly stars that man's been fascinated by for ages.

Similarly a full moon and it's magical light :)

But when you live in the country where there is never any light pollution, such nights are not rare, though no less magical for this former city-boy.

It was on one such night recently that after a visit to the bathroom(I know, you didn't need to know that but how else was I going to make my connection? lol), that I made a perpetual mistake of looking outside the windows.

As anyone with any amount of imagination would tell you....

So unable to get back to sleep after that amazing experience, I started to count...hummm...not sheep but the number the people that we hired into building this main-building.

Care to take a guess?

Was it 8?...27?...41?..73? or 66?

If you guessed 73, you were right!

Wow! so these were all paid folks as we never got anything for free. The site-prep, the delivery people, the inspectors, carpenters, the companies that we purchased the kilometers of wires from, windows, doors, concrete, lumber, screws, water tanks, the many parts of the solar assembly, metal roofing, septic, the well,......

What it doesn't include is the still other higher ticket items such as the cook-stove, the fridges, the washing machine, they were not part of the construction.

The least hourly rate was to two students who wanted $10/hour with the most going to two old folks for installing a few snow-guards on the roof at $150/hour.

So there you have it folks, an idea of what you could be expecting on your build here. A somewhat of a rough idea because your build may require much more labour but if you have an army of volunteers... Then again you would have to feed & shelter your army? So are we back to that number again?

Sure you may also decided not to build by code, so no inspector's fees + the higher cost material. You may also own your own truck & trailer to haul much of your own material but in the end, the saving may not be as enormous as you think.

Only if you are truly able to build your own home(whatever the size), are you to have significant savings.

Valuable information to consider when you're considering a move.

As always, you are welcome to come for a visit and/or a private tour/consultation to get more concrete numbers & information.


Oct 23rd, update;

That number is now 77 due to the changes that were needed for our heating, electrical & plumbing.

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