Outdoor kitchen +

August 21, 2017

Hi all,


We finally started the construction of our outdoor kitchen/canteen/storage/outdoor? yoga meditation+ building. So it has to serve a few purposes other than simply a big building with a wood-fired cook-stove in it.

It started as a gathering place for a few friends to do their caning & preserving but why not use this beautiful place in the forest for other purposes? yay1 

It will have 12-16 windows + a few clear roof panels along side of the metal, to allow the light to pure in from every direction as it is solar positioned with no interior walls :)


The construction is oh two months behind, so right on schedule, lol or sigh. 

It's not easy, inexpensive, problem-free or smooth going construction but it's a step forward :)


We are using solid thick chunks of wood/timber which make for  substantial & lovely all wood building :)

I will post more pictures here or under "Architecture & Home Design" or both, of our progress.




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