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The not so good news is the disappointment that was our Forest Management crew. They didn't do what they said that they would do and they did not do what we asked them to do, so we had to part ways only a week after they started.

It's really disappointing because we had such high hopes for this project.

It was to help heal this woodlot and return it to the forest it once was,

reduce the per acre purchase price for folks looking to move here,

Provide us with some much needed funds to build our aquaponics,

It did however help the local economy and to now provide us with space to accommodate our visitors arriving with trailers, tents and also space to build a few micro homes.

Tomorrow is the last day of our KAN(Knowledge Art Nature) school. Good, bad, happy or sad..depends on who you're asking I suppose, lol.

I was recently contacted by some folks looking to stop here on their way/search of sustainable living tour. Good for you!

But folks please beware that unless you are planing to stay at our main-building, nowhere else around here are you to find showers & flushing toilets. Those are just two luxuries that are cost prohibitive for many individuals around here so they have gone with alternatives.

Our own future micro-home & current 650 sqft cottage accommodations too come with no running water & flushing toilets. Our future rec. centre would offer those luxuries but as with our main-building, that would come with a user-fee to help cover some of our initial & on-going costs.

This is actually a good time to let those future Land-trust members across the road from the Ecovillage know that our rustic 650 sqft cottage is an absolute perfect "stress-tester". If you are able to survive one year living without your modern luxuries of life(cable, electricity, plumbing,...), then you are all set to move to you new land. Otherwise...

Oooo them pesky beetles!

The otherwise beautiful & smart yellow-striped squash & cucumber beetles have nearly decimated those two crops, sigh.

It's extremely labour intensive to pick these smart tiny incests off the leaves if you like us go the unsprayed & organic way.

Still searching for the right fundraising person to run a campaign for us. Folks, if you know such a person, please let us know or please post a wanted add on your social networking pages. As you know, we receive no funding at all from anywhere and if we are to go ahead with our many projects, we need funding.

Look at it this way, not only you will be helping the local economy, you will also be helping our neighbours and even the visitors, of which you may even be one someday :)

It's been unusually warm with even a few above 30c(36-38c) days!

This may not be a big deal in your area but we are in zone 3-ish. this means that those above 30 days should not have been here for another month or two!

So what does this mean for the rest of the country/globe? hummm...

And finally.....Summer-time :)

The glorious Summer afternoon glow, the sun-kissed tans by those few lucky or brave individuals who can work outside in their gardens, hatless or sleeveless, the early sunrise at 5:30? and the sunset at 9:30? Really still bright even after 10pm, yay!!!!!!!

The dry warm air, the breeze or the wind going through the lush leaves mimicking the sound of the ocean waves. The rain on the dry earth that smells delish, the ability to touch the tomato leaves & smelling the fragrance on your fingers,....

It's all beyond hope, it is now, it is life, it is charge for our depleted batteries.....deep breath :)

Be well folks,


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