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The writing is on the...

I recall this joke decades ago as my grandfather told it to one of his friends.

"The reaper knocks at this guy's door. Fronted by the prospect of what this means, the man quickly starts begging for more time and how the reaper showed-up with no notice or warning at all!

So the reaper decides to grant him more time for him to get his affairs in order.

Two years go by before the reaper places the knock on his door again but again the reaper receives the very same surprised look & reaction from the man's face.

"Why are you here without any notice?? I thought that you agreed to forewarn me ahead of time??"

The reaper replies, "What are you talking about? your neighbour, your sister, your cousin, your dog,.. those were all signs & warnings that your time was almost up!"

So what the hell am I on about?

There was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in northern Canada recently. But unlike the many other recent quakes around the globe, other common natural disasters, 100 day in office disasters, the recent bombings, weapons-making & testing, boys display of power at other inhabitants expense, extreme unafordability of real estate, & other daily injustices etc., this was not a common occurance.

This although not as sexy as finding(read finally admitting to) habitable planets nearby, is going to be marked as yet another warning by prepares & alike.

Are they right? Are they wrong?

I honestly don't know but what I also don't honestly know is why we are continuing living unsustainable lives, chasing after the all mighty $$$ at all costs? Why we are so reluctant to make any changes? Living peacefully, unimposing, quietly,...

Regardless of who is right, one wouldn't think that pressing a reset button is out of order.


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