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Spring, yay!

Hello all,

Sorry for not having written sooner but here is a bit of news for you armchair pioneers & hopeful neighbours.

After 2.5 years, I finally found my forest managers. Two young brothers who are third generation woodsmen with nearly 4,000 acres of land between them, wow!

They always put a bit of money aside to buy more woodland to manage as opposed to the Irving's etc. & clearcut it :)

They also own an organic cattle ranch etc., yay!

So if all goes well, our initiative will start in about a couple of weeks. And again, if all goes as planed, lol, at the end of the 2-3 months process, all lots will be $1,500/acre

cheaper to purchase, yay!!!

In addition to employing those brothers, I'm also employing a young army deserter? now a friend. He was one of the guys who cleared our main-building site for us 2.5 years ago. I'm having him now thin(that's when too many trees are growing WAY too close to each other. 6 inches apart instead of 6 feet apart) next week, yay!

Of course I will be following the guys to both learn & direct :)

Meanwhile I've been in the forest frantically pruning 60 (and counting everyday), apple trees before they bud or bloom. I spend 5-6 hours a day pruning and I love it!

90% of the time, it's just me & the birds chirping. Well I'm not chirping. I do what I do & they do what they do. If I did make any sound, I'm likely to attract moose or a deer, lol.

But for now I only see their hoof prints & poop. Nothing disgusting unlike ours. Theirs is oderless, hard & pallet shaped. One the size of hazelnuts, the other the size & shape of dates. I also see a lot of rabbit poop. Cute, little, light green & perfectly round :)

The snow is still fairly high at some points. I sometimes fall into a hole up to my knees or past as the snow is loosening with the warmer weather. We're hovering around 0c right now for our daytime temperatures but they are calling for nearly 10c soon, yay!

I'm feeling a bit achy when I get home but it's good aches, lol. I know that I got a decent amount of exercise & pumped myself full of fresh air. I feel good to have a productive day at the end of the day as I put my feet up. The suppers are somehow more enjoyable. The bed & a good night sleep to end the day, is amazing too :)

Just 5 minutes ago, I got word that my sister-in-law in Ontario was involved in a accident & totalled her month old car. 6 airbags deployed. She's in shock but otherwise ok.

I'm looking for new tiers myself as I need to switch the Winter tires for all seasons ones.

Folks, anywhere but in particular here, you need to have a reliable(fairly new) car with two sets of tires.

Take good care

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