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It's true...really :)

Clear sunny days, as today is, are brilliant for charging both our battery-banks & spirits :)

We're more than halfway into the Winter, if you're going by the calendar or by last year or even by the global warming trend.

Me? Hey I would like to wait until April the 2nd to declare the first day of the Spring, always leaving April 1st for....., lol.

I haven't written for a while here and I'm getting emails from many of you anxious future pioneers in regards to that. Well what can I say, it's Winter time & we are not where I would have liked us to be by now. You know, offering workshops, events & celebrations to make the Winter seem shorter. Plus I prefer to write more about positive news, if I can help it.

So what am I writing about today?

A relative voiced that my posts are on the pessimistic side. So I feel an explanation is in order.

Although my posts appeal to the realistic, I'm actually really writing to the hummm...less realistic.

What I mean is that, when I say that home construction costs real money here, what I want those of you who don't know what that means because you've never built before, is that while in most cities it costs $300/sqft. here it costs about $130/sqft.

So if a 1000 sqft home costs $300K to build there, that same house is about $130K to build here. So far less expensive but far from cheap or free for those who have not made previsions for it.

Of course it always costs less to buy an existing home if you can find it. It will not be to your specifications, as well insulated, will require renovations,...... And I can help with that too but again, you still need some money.

Also no guaranty that you are going to love your neighbours, find your desired employment,.....

In fact perhaps the only good news is that, you will not have any traffic or high real estate prices. Slow pace of life, clean, fresh air water & food (if you grow your own), much lower insurance premiums are all excellent, no?

Now if we can manage to bring likeminded individuals who are perhaps positive, imaginative, peaceful, non-imposing, quiet, back-to-landers,.....then that would be even better :)

Also folks, I would argue that all of the pictures that I have posted speak volume of all the positive & the beauty that is the appellation mountains, forests, kids enjoying themselves, the gardens, the wild animals, the harvest, the costume construction using/sourcing local material,.....

There's such a thing as being overly positive or wearing rose-coloured glasses. Best be honest :) your money & dream :)

Even if you don't or can't dream right now, that's ok, I will help you with that but whatever you do, save as much money as you can.

Any questions or comments?

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