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Letting it go

I don't know why I find the need to always open by saying that "I'm not religious"...

So this morning while I was doing my early morning exercise, a thought for a blog post came to my mind. "To let go".

But while I was pondering over A. what it really means to me and B. how to word it in a coherent & semi-intelligent, lol, way here, a crash of some sort outside! I look out the window to find that the car's front bumper was scrapped on the side of the garage.

Now although this may mean absolutely nothing to 99% of you, those who know me, know how much I have always taken care of my cars. Lovingly cared for, blah, blah, blah.................

So this sort of thing would have upset me to no end, never-mind the replacement cost of what over $1,000. BUT, there was only about 3-4 minute delay between the time that I had that thought and when the accident happened!

I will let you figure that-one out.

So I spent the last hour or two going through a few emotions & questions. Oh I'm sure you can imagine what they were.

I titled the post "Letting it go" because titling it "Let it go" would have been too imposing. I mean, who am I tell/guide anyone with anything, let alone something as big as letting go.

So by titling it "Letting go", I'm simply informing you of what I'm hoping to do with/in my life. Is it part of my personal growth or just having given-up? or both.

What I know with 100% certainty is that the alternative, not letting go, is never going to help me, based on historical evidence, lol.

Like water under the bridge :)

Oh & folks, if after reading this, the idea sounds good or logical to you but... leave it be. Just let it sit & marinate in your metaphorical or proverbial bowl of soul? until such time that you are ready to let go.

It may not happen for years. You know, I don't know, just don't try too hard because when it

happens, the idea will go down as easy as a cool glass of water :)


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