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Happy :)

Cock-a-doodle-doo, Happy New Year to you :)

A shout-out to all those Roosters out there. May you achieve great success in any/everything that you do this year :)

I'm not religious but a new anything, marks the end of perhaps a less productive something and it signifies hope, possibilities and A New Day, yay!

I'm also not into astrology signs etc. but I'm sure not going to pass on the possibility of this being a year that I finally make a difference.

Am I asking you to also have faith in this new year, even if you are not a Rooster?

I guess I am because what's your alternative? So stay positive and at least attempt to make this the year that you follow your dreams, entertain the possibilities or at the very least not let the negativity in.

For some, it's baby steps :)

I was going to pretty much end that post right there but I feel that I need to add something somewhat unrelated, if I may.

I've been getting a surge in emails from some of you who are going through some rough-times.

I don't know what to attribute that to and it doesn't matter.

Just know that as I said in one of my earlier posts, I will try to respond to you as quickly as I can but I ask for your patience as I need to set some time aside for my other obligation.

I'm currently working on researching aquaponics & greenhouse structures etc. in an effort to extend our growing season.

I'm also urgently looking for a crowdsourcing expert/person to raise some badly needed funds for us because without that, we can't start our projects, move towards sustainability, self-sufficiency,

hire a crew and find employment for the community members.

I told you this because I'm hoping that you can get the word out.


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