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Is there intelligent life on other planets & galaxies?

You know the argument. If you said no, then you also probably believe that out of billions galaxies & hundreds of billions of stars in each of them, our blue-planet is the only-one with "intelligent" life.

But I'm not here to debate other intelligent life, rather the UFOs.

So I'm out the other day shaveling snow when a neighbour walking by stops to chat. He started with how clear the sky is here due to absence of much of pollution(air, light,...).

He proceeded to tell me about a possible(he only used that word because he wanted to leave wiggle-room to get out not knowing my views on them) UFO sighting by him the other night.

"it was a bright slow-moving light that I was following but then it magically disappeared!"

So first I asked him whether it was a windy night. Windy because a tree's branches moving back & fourth in front of a star could give the appearance of moving or blinking.

He said that it was an absolute clear night with not a single cloud in the sky either.

So I took a deep breath & presented him with my argument against UFOs.

"You can go to any C.T. or army surplus or hunting store & buy a infra-red or night-vision camera etc. So If you believe that these beings are light-years ahead of us in technology, don't you think that perhaps they don't need headlight to navigate their way here?

Our armies probably have cameras that we can't even imagine their capabilities of.

Also, although I was never a fan of Star Trek, I remember how they would stand on this spot where they would get demoleculerized & then remoleculerize elsewhere. that show was what from 40 years ago?

So again, these advanced beings need a clunker with headlights to travel anywhere?

Sorry just one more point, lol, some believe that there was an age enlightenment, Oh a few thousand years ago. They could simply close their eyes & literally be at their desired destination.

I mean the debate can go on forever.

Besides what purpose would they have with us other than us being their creations etc.

Folks I know that some of you just want to tear this post apart & prove me wrong and that's ok but let me just say that if I were one of those intelligent beings, I would have better things to do with my time & other places to visit than to come visit the earthlings, since I would have the ability to do it :)

That new event, what's it called, Event Horizon? lol, or how about the opening of that new Black Hole? Super sunset or Supernova, lol.

That's where you'll find me :)

To-the-loo, lol

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