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Hi folks,

I don't know about you but I'm just too polite to tell people that I'm busy at the moment, running late, don't impose, don't just drop-in,.... but I'm working on it.

So I'm using this blog as a venting tool, lol, both for current or future residents.

Handy/trades-persons are hard to find here so yesterday when I finally had one here, I knew that we had to plough through our short work-day & in the cold, so that we could close our covered porch or 3-4 season porch closed-up before he left, not just for the day but perhaps the next two weeks.

Now this may not have been so bad had it been in another season but starting tomorrow our daytime high is going to be -21c!

Next Friday's high? -28c!!! Here is where I want to say Yikes! but you know that a simple Yikes! is not enough in this case. Oh, oh, not to mention another 20+ cm of snow to add to our 40cm so far + even shorter days, sigh.

So we're working and who do we see driving-up the driveway? A couple who is planing on starting their construction on the land-trust this Spring, with completion date of 2018?

Nice, likeable couple but the timing could not have been worse!

So as they get out of their car, I inform them that I only have my carpenter for another 2 hours and not again for another week or two. They said that they understood but did not leave for at least a half hour???

Some of you smart cookies already know the outcome of this.

Yep, with work at a stand still for the the 30 minutes, we failed to complete our work by exactly 30 minutes!!

OMG, had we had only 30 minutes longer, the structure would have been closed-off from the elements. Why oh why people assume that everyone loves receiving company and when it's convenient for them is beyond me.

Oh and I had to pay my carpenter for that 30 minutes of idling as well, sigh.

So folks, regardless of whether you already live or are visiting/planning to visit here and need to talk/see me for whatever reason, please, I'm begging you, DO NOT JUST DROP IN!

Email me to set up a time that is convenient for both of us and please also state the need for your visit. I've mentioned this before in my other posts, I have given my time for free and will again but if you're looking for lots of advice on whatever or require detailed numbers, please be fair & considerate, I simply cannot offer this service for free and that is what our workshops are for.

I recognize that their(the workshops)

timing may not work for your particular visit and I will do my best to accommodate you by offering you a private meeting, though again, not as a free service :)


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