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Let's figure it out...together :)

It seems every year, at about this time, we get depressed for a number of reasons. The colder weather & wind moving in, the more frequency of the grey, overcast days & longer nights, our usual though now more apparent deficiency in vitamins to help us with our daily functions,....

And if those were not enough reasons, let's throw in some failed business attempts, relationships, our employment situations, forever on-hold dreams & passions,....for bad measure as well, lol.

Sorry about the gloomy & depressing but true picture. But that was the bad news :)

Now the good news :)

Oh before I tell you about the good news, let me just tell you that no-one is immune to the above mentioned. I purposefully avoided calling it by it's other term/name :)

So yeah, everyone has at one time or another been there & perhaps again. Sure those times & event are suppose to make us stronger but at the time when where actually going through them, how many of us really see it that way?

So after years of depression & negativity, we now need to reposition & reroute our though processes.

Now the good news.

There are many self-help books, phycologists, pharmaceutical drugs & even apps that 90% of us go to as our first or last resource with some degree of success. Why is that?

When we read these self-help books, go to the psychologist's office, consume those "happy pills" or buy those apps, where are we? I mean both the physical & spiritual state of mind.

We are sitting in an unfamiliar setting talking to an "expert", reading our brand new self-help book that although has hopefully help the writer, it seems too distant & physically disconnected from us.

We're at a sterile pharmacy picking-up our prescription sometimes knowing full-well about their adverse side-effects, dependencies,....

We are playing with our apps in our living-room thinking, did this app really help so many users? as we try to stay positive.

I'm suggesting a different approach based on my own experience :)

Try to remove yourself from your current situation. That might mean getting a new job, house/ apartment and even friends. Any one of those factors may be toxic to you.

I honestly don't know enough or can't speak for you but those were all toxic to me!

I found the hustle & bustle, the traffic, the pollution(noise, air water)... of living in the city, toxic.

I found my neighbours, "friends" & family, lol, toxic.

The job, the policies,...... all toxic.

I also tried all of those "help" avenues to no avail.

So I removed myself from it all, well what I could of it anyway, lol.

My suggestion to you is to do the same. Move out of your current situation & evict those negative thought processes & noises that you've been carrying around with you for decades and replace them with positive thoughts, energy, foods,....

So just like the many decades of, if not negative reinforcements then noise & clutter from all around us, it seems only fair that we would need to surround ourselves with the opposite now to detoxify first as we then start our journey into the endless possibilities with our new-found friends, diet, meditation/mindfulness, brainstorming, nature,... yay!

Having had all of those experiences, both positive & negative, I recognized a real need for a place where people can be surrounded by positive energy, good wholesome food, tranquillity of the nature, brainstorming,...

You're welcome to stop-by here to see if this could be your happy, inspiring & positive place :)

Let's brainstorm on your inventions, that novel that you've been putting-off writing, your business idea/s,... or just simple nature-therapy :)

Happy Thought :)

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