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I was recently shopping on-line and wanted to conduct a research, you know, price comparison, ratings, etc. and every-time I came across an article, page or a blog, I was bombarded with a super-busy labyrinth of a advertising with a tiny little link of the actual article that I was looking to read.

Folks is this the norm now? has i/relevant advertising taken over our senses? I don't know about you but once I come across such a page, I'm out of there. I just can't be bothered with now flashing signs & banners looking to take me to who knows where & to sell me knows what.

And as if that's not bad enough, the posters now want you to subscribe to this insanity or jockeying for that coveted spot on top of the page. Read my blog, read my v


I'm guessing that the money's good?

Next time that you're on our website, you will be reminded to subscribe to it. Do it or don't do it. Our website is not monetized, as you can see. Subscribe to it if you want to stay in the "know", lol(Knowlesville) or leave & forget that you were ever here, lol.

Now close your eyes, take a few deep breaths & give your eyes a rest before the inevitable happens...that's right :)

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