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The Big-Moon

It was nearing the end of a long work-day when my daughter asked if we could have a Big-Moon gathering/celebration, last night.

My carpenter & I had been working on the entry, enclosed porch all day & although it was an amazingly warm day for this time of the year, I was rather tiered + a little piece of sawdust or something had gotten in my right eye and irritating me to no end :(

So I initially said no to her but then I thought, why not? Isn't that why we're here? We have been here for over two years and missed a lot by being busy with the planing & construction of the main-building.

Anyhow I went inside & gave her the OK :)

Those of you who know me, know that I'm a planner. I don't know why? After all nothing's ever really worked in my favour because of it, lol. But there wasn't hardly any time to email/call a few neighbours, oh no :0

Still we managed it & what a wonderful gathering :)

The giant Moon, hot coco, the sound of the kids loosing their minds, lol, adults telling stories & reminiscing,...

There is something mesmerizing & primal about watching a bonfire. The cinder, embers shifting brightness & glow like jewels as the breeze goes through them, the tiny & big sparks, pops & crackles.

Mental note, get out & enjoy life a bit more or just a bit, lol.


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