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It has now been over two years since we traded our multi-decade metropolitan lives for the rural life. I still make a weekly trip to the nearest town to run a few errands & grocery shopping. It does feel like a bit of culture-shock, the people, the cars,... lol.

But once a month, we take an extra long trip to Fredericton, our provinces capital. It has a population of just over 50,000 people which is over 45,000 people more than the nearest town that I visit weekly, or 45,940 people more than our neck-of-the-woods. So it's not surprising for us to be drained after nearly an entire day there + the 3 hour drive, to & back.

We just got back from such a trip, right now but that's not why I'm writing this. On this particular trip, we decided to stay over the night before thanks to the points that we had accumulated from one the largest international hotels. The idea was to not have to leave the house so early, get a change of scenery & enjoy the hotel's emanates before we start our busy day :)

All went according to the plan, yay! All but one minor? thing. At night, while resting & unwinding, we figured we would try to find something decent to watch on our big-screen TV & it's many channels.

It had been years since we canceled out cable subscription, both to save money & also because we could never find anything worth our while to watch. Well it seems nothing's changed!

Same old horrible brain-numbing shows targeted to whom we wondered. Who in their right mind subscribes to such non-sense?

Are they getting their money's worth? Are people really that bored? Many, many news channels, followed by the American drama over one thing or another. Oh & lets not forget the sport's channels & now many everything "food" shows.

All for a low subscription fee of $100/month.

We felt so disconnected from everything & everyone. Hard to go back to that again. None of it made any sense then or now.

Folks I don't know where you in your life at this particular time but please take a moment to reevaluate what is happening around you and if you decide that all is fine then alright, otherwise...

Also when using their gym this morning, the TV in the exercise-room was on a Canadian news channel. The reporter said that folks are heading for the hills, literally. Americans are searching for remote, off-grid homes but also in Canada.

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