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Who knows


A few years ago and after decades of asking the big questions, forming philosophical groups,.... I decided to stop asking those questions as pondering over those questions & examining life way too closely had not done me much good or brought much happiness into my life.

Still, some minds, brain paths & habits are hard to change/break, lol.

Alright so recently I have been in conversation with some really nice individuals :)

A potencial new neighbour, a new teacher at the school and a new friend who is sadly moving back to Holland :(

Although all four of us share much in common, one does not believe in destiny and two do.

Here's what he said during one of our conversations, "i'm not a believer in "everything happens for a reason", well, not in the usual sense, i believe everything happens 'because' of a reason.. cause and effect if you will.. not the other way, if i stay in my pyjamas all day, i'll do my laundry, and i won't get hit by a bus, but i didn't, not get hit by a bus because i stayed in my pj's all day and did my laundry instead.... does that make sense??.."

Hummm... a valid point but what about the opposing point? That I was to meet theses folks who incredibly I share so much with. You need to know that this rarely if ever happens to me or historically.

So why now & at this point of my life? Is it destiny or is it perhaps that I am now attracting these folks from far & wide via some sort of invisible wave of energy, to this planed holistic setting?

Who knows, do you? Should we just forget about why or how and instead focus on what it is or should we attempt to find the reason for it & hope to expend on it?

See this is what I'm talking about. Enough analyzing already, lol.

All I can hope for is for you to also experience such good fortune. This must be what they mean when they say(read hope for), "living amongst like-minded individuals).


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