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Type I & type II impositions

Happy Friday to those of you who this day of the week means anything in particular, lol.

Today I wanted to talk about impositions.

Are there different types of impositions? Hummmm, I don't know. Let's go through them.

Is it imposing on your retired neighbour to babysit for you while you do whatever?

What about your young & single neighbour? How about your neighbour with kids?

Surly if it's an emergency, then they wouldn't classify it as an imposition but what about a reoccurring trend? What then?

Is it an imposition for a ride, if you're going that direction anyway? What if you are not going that direction or going out at all?

Is it an imposition to ask a neighbour for a tool, a stick of butter, cup of sugar,.... A favour you say? I'm not sure. Is it perhaps because they weren't using them or you plan on replacing it? Maybe.

So here is a real scenario that is taking place here and I would say that it is quit un-real.

A couple with four younger kids decides to donate a parcel of land to whom they believed or claimed to be poor or less fortunate.

Not an imposition so far, lol.

This "poor"person then shamelessly (in my opinion) asks for his tractor for ground-prep of her house & generator for her other volunteers' power tools. But wait there's more. He was then to dedicate time & his expertise to now also help with the constructing of her house.

There's more on this particular individual but we are on the topic of impositions today.

So folks, I told you all of that to make you aware, again, that even though you may be in love with the idea of a sustainable community, if you have not saved enough funds or have access to some kind of financial backing(parents, early inheritance,...) or able to earn a decent level of income here

to pay for such a lifestyle, you will not be happy/comfortable, at least here anyway.

Please note that this is not to discourage you from dreaming or starting to save for a day that you can make your move, just to inform you that today is not that day.

With self sufficiency, the emphasis is on Self, not using other people's resources to get you where you want to go.


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