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My advice

Hello all,

What a great year here for those who were lucky enough to have planted, anything!

Sunny days for most of the weeks with at least a good shower or two, each week. Our hottest day was 38c with the coolest at 22c. Our coolest night was 10c & hottest at 17c.. Fantastic for sleeping & NO air or even a fan!

This morning I was forwarded an email. It was from an individual looking to move here this October. With no vehicle, much money, work or a secured accommodation...

So if you've read any of my previous posts(if you haven't, please go & read them), you know that I say it like it is. The good, the bad & the ugly, especially the ugly, lol.

But even if you've not yet read them or have ever been or lived here, what would your advice to him be?

My advice to anyone in similar circumstance would be to;

Secure some money. Ask your parents for your inheritance now. Also so you don't get taxed on it later. Ask your friends & family for assistance. Fundraise or whatever.

Learn carpentry. Find yourself a reputable & licensed carpenter where you live & offer to work for them for whatever so that you can learn as much as you can.

This person should hold a licence here in Canada so that you can learn about the codes. They should be in the age range of 25-55. Any younger and they would not have experienced or seen enough to teach you. Anymore and they may be past their prime and potentially start cutting corners as aches & pains, vision,....gets in the way.

Of course I'm generalizing here and basing my opinion on having hired carpenters for the past 22 years but you may find a younger-one who's superb or a carpenter well into his 60's with no sign of slowing down or compromises :)

You should also make sure that they don't smoke because you are doing as much a favour to him(at that rate$) as he is for you. So you only want the good habits & non of the bad-ones or secondhand smoke.

Now those were two pieces of advice based on my own personal experience but of course a super resilient, super fast learner, extremely hard-working, non-smoker, giving, tough(long winters etc.)., humble,..., person could potentially not need much money, a vehicle, secured accommodation,...

But do you know anyone like that? Is that you? Then come-on up. Otherwise take my advice before arriving here.

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