Knowledge Art Nature school, part 1

When I first drafted my Ecovillage plans oh over a decade ago, disappointed by how our one-size-fits-all education system had failed me, I decided to include a school in it.

I wanted it to be more geared to the individual student's needs, interests & passions :)

So I was thrilled to know that a passionate lady had already started such a school when we arrived here over two years ago. Of course no-one would share one's own identical visions but having it here, it meant that I was now free to concentrate on my other projects :)

This picture is about two years old & before upgrading the solar panels. It is wheelchair accessible, completely restored inside out with steel roof and solid wood siding stained with nontoxic stain.

There is our solar oven on the far left.

Tegan(the founder) first asked me to sit in at their board meetings shortly after we arrived and then at their Fall Fair fundraising for the school.

This picture is from last September with kids going to pick apples at New Brunswick's only certified organic orchard only about 10 minutes away from us :)

A couple of months ago she asked whether I would be interested in the position of President but I managed to avoid it by changing the subject or not getting back to her because those who know me, know that I have strong opinions & many visions for the different projects etc.

This picture is from the kids morning yoga class in the main classroom.

Well as with any founder, so would Tegan, rightfully and really necessarily. So not knowing how that would work, I managed to dodge the question until a couple of days ago when her urgent call & email came to me asking me to seriously consider the position.

So after a short meeting I am now officially the school's president :)

This picture is from last Spring as the kids were preparing the logs for their Long-house. It was designed & mostly build by Leland and the kids help, of course :)

Please stay tuned on our school itself :)


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