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It's been yet another amazing Summer here!

The bugs aside as they exist in any forest/rural/country but with gorgeous morning temperatures between 20 & 38c(mostly 25c) and overnight temperatures of between 8 & 18c(mostly 14c) AND rain averaging 3 days/nights a week, all make for perfect growing conditions, yay!

The gardens are all teaming with life, lush & healthy greens!

The gardens that I speak of are that of our neighbours as we were not able to achieve the same again this year due to the following challenges;

1. Although the season is short for all zone 3-4s, folks are able to still start their seeds in their homes in anticipation of the last possible night of frost before transplanting them outside.

We didn't have that luxury as we were still frantically working on finishing the interior of the main building.

2. No space. True that we live on a 50 acre property but 99.7% of that is forested and although it's in desperate need of thinning & managing for optimal growth, we still haven't found anyone to that for us. So remember that some cleared land is always advantageous.

3. No soil. Sure you can attempt to grow in any soil(rocky, clay, sand,....) but to grow organically & optimally, you need to put together your own mix of natural fertilizer/s, minerals,.....

Unfortunately we did not have that either as we neither had the funds nor could we find anyone to deliver them to us.

4. Hummm...this next-one is perhaps the hardest to deal with. If we are not successful in clearing some land to prep the soil for next year/Spring or some sort of a greenhouse then we stand to lose yet another growing season.

Being completely independent of the fossil fuels & the power companies is amazing but not being able to grow your own food is not sustainable living.

Btw the type/size a greenhouse that I would like for extending the season or food storage is probably going to cost. How much? Thousands, if not tens of thousands.

So folks, once again I'm trying to point-out the importance of you knowing the challenges that you are going to face, where-ever you decide to go to instead of an overly optimistic & unrealistic pictures that others paint.

Now if you've read my FAQ, I have mentioned how as a pioneer, I am using all of my experiences to help you get on your feet as fast as you can & with far less stress than what we had to endure by having everything planed & ready for you, every step of the way.

I would also be willing to share our own gardens should you not be situated in-time but non-the less these are very real challenges that you need to consider & account for by having funds set aside for them.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, nearly nothing is for free nor is anyone willing to work for you for free. Well perhaps your family & friends.

Still I know that for us like most of you the alternative (the city life) is worse.

Happy thoughts :)

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