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You got your troubles...

Hello armchair pioneers,

How goes it in the concrete & asphalt jungle?

I hear it's getting really hot in most warmer zones. I have to tell you that we also had a hot few days. Of course our hot days were anywhere from the low to high 30's, lol. but non-the-less hot for here.

Thankfully our overnight temperatures have never been higher than 20c but as low as 12c. The beautiful rain a few days/night a week, to water the gardens & clean the already clean air. All which make for a lovely night's sleep :)

It also helps that the humidity here has been much lower than in Ontario which I'm grateful for.

Our other blessing? is that it seems that our $20,000+ insulation & decent windows are doing what they are supposed to, yay!

But I haven't forgotten you. The memories of having to drive in the heat & the humidity through the traffic, the road-rage, the short tempers, stresses of work (for those who work outside of their homes),...

But wait, this post it not to make you feel horrible about your current situation as I enjoy my lovely community & surroundings.

Recently I was watching a few videos on one of those popular sites who shall remain nameless and saw a pretty upbeat & perky videos. Hummm...that's nice. Uplifting, happy,..wonderful really.

But wait, has that been exclusively my experience or really anyone else's experience?

Absolutely not!!!

So if there are difficulties, bad-days, hardship,....why aren't there any videos or mention of those?

Let's be honest, these folks have figured-out what sells or gets subscriptions. What miserable city-folk wants to hear or see hardship or stresses?

What they want is hope. Believing that the alternative to their current lifestyles is heaven. Or perhaps by subscribing to these overly happy folks channels , they can look forward to vicariously live through them everytime there is a new post. Or perhaps they too can one day do the same.

Show of hands folks. Who hear honestly wants to hear the truth here? Not just the positives, the good days, the inspiring moments but also the not so good days?

The delays in constructions, the weak currency, the lack of the qualified tradespersons, the irregular work-days/hours, the not having the right soil conditions or money to create the right soil for growing the crop, the early frost, the drought, the bugs, the pests, the imposing community or neighbours, the vehicles breaking down, the hemorrhaging bank account,......................

Folks I don't want you to think that these are all my setbacks though every place has own unique set of challenges, there are still the ones that are common no matter where you go.

"like the song says "you got your troubles, I got mine".

So I would like you to please remember my sincere advice to you. Even though those subscribe-needy folks are not going to always disclose the good with the bad, it's probably a good idea for you to do your due diligence, ask questions or go to the handful of

people who are willing to tell you what you need to hear as well as what you want to hear :)

In short, if you are looking to trade your (fill in the blank) lifestyle for another-one, please know that although it would/should be better than your current-one, it will neither be easy or challenge-free :)


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