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Hi folks,

Firstly I wanted to thank those of you who have been patiently waiting for the construction on our main building to be over before visiting. Unfortunately we are still not done yet due to circumstances beyond our control. But my complaints are always the same. Not enough qualified trades-persons, funds or luck :(

But, events may unfold differently for you depending on just how much money you are going to be taking with you when you start a similar journey.

Also luck is a factor. I'm not kidding you as I've witnessed far too many individuals with next to no money(of their own), any more positive than us, connections or being handy, arrive do well. Scratching my head here.

So you are lucky if even your rooster lays you eggs. You know who you are darlings, lol.

In short, budget lots of money or bring your luck. Your positivity is just a bonus :)

Back to the title of this post "Income".

One of the more common questions from folks who I suppose didn't read my FAQ is "What can I do for income?" Wait a minute, if they wouldn't read my FAQ, would they read this? lol. We will see.

Alright so regardless of how frugal some of us are with our spending & budgeting or how humbly we live, we all need some income, right?

In my FAQ, I mention how I have made it my personal mission to earn a bit of income for absolutely anyone here who is willing to do some work. The nature of this work could be either something that they love doing or something that they are able to do.

Now folks, if you are willing to live humbly, meaning a small home, reliable & efficient car, little to no "vacations", limited to no drinking, smoking, luxuries,...then you can easily live on less than $12K/year and still manage to have saving.

I would be willing to give you a complete breakdown when we meet one day :)

Here are two more factors to consider when it comes to the numbers.

1. Please remember that unless you are a very capable carpenter, app designer, physician, etc. then the likelihood of you making anywhere near what you are making in the city now is slim to non, otherwise wouldn't most people want to be here where the cost of living is far less, air, food & water are clean, little pollution,....?

So go ahead & start learning a trade, preferably in carpentry or start saving your money. I'm able to coach you on that for a nominal fee as I have been doing that since I moved-out of my parents home at 16, three decades ago.

2. That brings me to my second point. Nearly everyone who has decided to live a simple life off-grid and away from the cities, have done so at the expense of giving up their high/er earnings. Btw high/er earnings never equal to high/er savings, especially when you factor in the total cost of living in the city.

So please remember that when you contact for advice, assistance, expertise, physical labour, accommodations,.....................because that is how we earn our modest living and that is how you may also be earning your modest living.

In short, please ask your family, friends or banks for favours instead. Hopefully they will all line-up to help you but if they don't, could you expect total strangers living on modest earnings to?


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