Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada day folks!

I was interviewed by my sister-in-law over a decade ago for her radio show on homeschooling.

I don't remember how the conversation got around to Canada Day, perhaps it was exactly on this day?

Anyhow back then we lived perhaps in the most culturally diverse city in Canada and arguably still today. Having lived in that city for over two decades and having lived in many of those diverse neighbourhoods, the message that I got from those folks was always the same.

Regardless of what ethnicity(East Asian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Easter or Western European, they all raved about how beautiful their home-countries were and how they were only here to make as money as they could, use it's resources and buy properties back home for their eventual retirement, investment or rental.

Now I know that many of you may think of what I'm saying here as not politically correct etc. but as a first generation immigrant who lived in the inner cities for decades, let tell you that wanting to live in a multicultural country is one the reasons why I chose this place over three decades ago.

I was under the impression that absolutely everyone was bringing over the very best of their countries while leaving behind the worse of it. What a place to live? What potential!

Well of course I was completely wrong. Still to this day, I keep my eyes open for the rare folks who are here to make Canada a unique country that it could be with it's beauty & might.

Really, don't ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.


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