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Soon I hope

I used to be totally addicted to the news. All kinds of news from the latest in nano technology & astro physics to the 11 dimensions, theoretical physics, world news and beyond.

I completely came to a stop (following all news) about a year ago when I really started to question the sources and the never-ending bad news from around the globe.

So I just heard about the shooting massacre in Florida. Isn't it sad how we commit all acts of violence if only we can simply justify them?

History keeps on repeating itself and we learn nothing!

I'm not simply writing this to show my support for my friends & family members who are proud members of the LGBT but as someone who detests any act of violence, be it racial, spousal, against kids, against animals....

Boy, as if I needed anymore reasons to add to my already long list of why I need to get of town & attempt to surround myself with positive, accepting, non-imposing, peaceful, imaginative souls.

So when is this "reset" button going to be pressed? Soon, I hope.

Folks, reminding you that although we describe our environment (on our homepage) only as being scent-free & smoke-free, we really would like to keep all negativity & nastiness out of here.

So, I hope - nay - I know, that you understand because we are one in our desire to surround ourselves with positivity, whether by taking oneself off on a week retreat, or by making the decision to take that monumental leap off the rat wheel.


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