Experience sustainable & off-grid lifestyle at our homestead :) 

Although we are working on constructing micro-homes & other alternative structures, our current available accommodations are;

2 private guest rooms at our new off-grid main-building. A double bed in each room and adjoining new bathrooms. $100/night per room based on single occupancy or $150/night based on double occupancy. With access to the yoga/meditation studio and the sunroom.  

A 650 sqft cottage. It is only a few years old but it was not well constructed or insulated and is a bit damp. It has 3 tiny rooms & a large open concept living room. It has a cookstove but no plumbing, only an outhouse.

It is perfect for those looking to stay for a day or two as it is very rustic & for those not minding roughing it :)

We have never really rented it to individuals, only as storage. We would be asking $20/night, p/p.  

This option is currently unavailable.

One other option for those looking to sleep in nature & yet out of the elements is our closed solarium/sun porch attached to our main building. There is a bunk bed. $50/night p/p. 

On occasion, if all available spaces are occupied, we may open our yoga/meditation studio for additional accommodation. $50/night p/p.

Meals are not included.

When visiting us in the colder months;

Please do bring,

Winter boots,

Winter jackets,

Winter gloves & hats,


Snowshoes & cross-country skies if you're planning on getting out,

Please do NOT bring,

Hairdryers, curling-irons, 

When visiting in the warmer months;

Please do bring,

Light-coloured, long sleeves/pants,

Comfortable hiking shoes/boots,

Light gloves,

Light jackets, 

Oh & bring your appetite :) 

We also offer weekly rates. 

$450 for five nights or $560 for seven nights. 

Those rates are based on single occupancy. $45/night extra for double occupancy.

Meals are available at $15/day p/p for the summer months and $20/day p/p for the rest of the year.

Please note that we are a pet, scent and smoke-free environment :)