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2.0 & 3.0 compost bins


A.N.D - A New Day!

but also;
Peace & Harmony,
Teach & Learn,
Inspire & Be Inspired,
Give & Receive,
Forgive & Heal,
Slow down & Relax,
Stargaze & Imagine,
Eat & Laugh,
Meditate & be mindful,
Forest-bathing & observing,
Technology detoxing & disconnecting,
Reconnecting with nature & breathing,

About us 

Like you, we felt that we were long overdue for a change in the way that we live, where we live, whom we live with, what we eat, drink, or breathe.


It took us over two decades to put our dream in motion but we have finally attempted to start an "Ecovillage" where like-minded individuals & seekers could come together & start A New Day :)

We are located in Knowlesville NB. The property is currently for sale and we will be moving to a new location to better serve our vision, projects and events.                                                                                     

We are hosting yoga, mindfulness, and meditations sessions from our yoga studio at our main building, twice weekly. Also, many other workshops such as cooking, knitting, forest managment, etc.                                       

Also offering venues, accommodation & catering for intimate weddings, Birthdays, anniversaries, reunions & other celebrations.   


Here you can power-up, re-charge, play & imagine!
Thank you for not smoking.
We are also a scent & pet-free (at most locations) environment.
Please respect those of us with allergies :)
Join us as we celebrate the seasons, the harvest and other annual, monthly or daily festivals & events. Or come celebrate your special day with us :)
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